Titan Air Solutions has been a leading HVAC contractor in Fort Worth, Texas for many years. We are proud to have earned the distinction of being “Google Guaranteed” in 2019. Oftentimes, our customers ask us: What does it mean to be Google Guaranteed? Many consumers are familiar with seeing these listings starting to pop up in their search results, but don’t understand what the emblem means or why it’s important! In this blog post, we explain what it means to be “Google Guaranteed”, and why it matters.

In 2018, Google launched the ‘Google Guaranteed’ program to support local home service providers and provide a level of trust and security to the customers of those businesses. This program, in a nutshell, guarantees your satisfaction (up to a certain dollar amount) and protects against fraudulent business practices, faked reviews, and inflated ratings.

In order to receive the iconic green check-mark icon that signifies a business is ‘Google Guaranteed’, Titan Air Solutions had to go through a rigorous, months-long screening process that included background checks, verification of insurance and proper business licenses, a screening of reviews, and ratings, and other security checkpoints. In order to keep our business ‘Google Guaranteed’, we are also required to maintain and verify our business information, insurance, and licenses, get reviews from satisfied customers, and address any negative comments (none for us on that front!)

As HVAC service providers, our business category is considered an “urgent” category because consumers will often call an HVAC for time-sensitive, urgent needs (i.e. their air conditioner is broken in the sweltering Fort Worth summer heat). For this reason, we and other VAC professionals undergo an additional level of screening, including service professional background checks. This means that every technician on the Titan Air Solutions team is background-checked by Google.

This sounds pretty great, but you might be asking yourself “how do I find a Google Guaranteed business?” Well, we’re glad you asked – it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Find a Google Guaranteed business

Run a Google search (i.e. “Emergency AC repair Fort Worth”, or “Heater installation near me”). Google will then display the search page with a new series of boxes at the very top. Look for businesses that are backed by the Google Guarantee, indicated by the Google Guarantee icon (green checkmark) under their review stars.

Example of Google Search Results displaying LSA (Local Service Ads)

2. Book via Google Local Services

When you click on a ‘Google Guaranteed’ listing, use the options displayed in the Local Services ad (LSA) to contact the business, including using the click to call option, or send request option if available, or dialing the number that appears in the listing to contact the business. Services must be booked through Google Local Services. If you contact the business in any other way (such as another phone number or their website or directly from one of our partner affiliate websites) you are not entitled to the Google Guarantee.

3. Be satisfied.

Any job booked with a Google Guaranteed business through an LSA must be done correctly and to your satisfaction. If it’s not, you may be reimbursed by Google, up to $2,000. We hope you’re never disappointed with our service, or any other service provider’s work, but if you are, and you’re not able to resolve your concerns directly with the business, you can submit a claim to Google within 30 days of the job completion. Google will verify that you contacted the business through Local Services and after investigating the request, they will decide on a resolution.

We know that when you trust Titan Air Solutions with your service needs, you’re trusting us with the things most important to you- your family, home or business, your safety, and your comfort. These are what are most important to us, too. As a ‘Google Guaranteed’ business, we are proud to offer this extra layer of security as a sign of our continued commitment to your satisfaction. We wear this green badge with honor, not because we think you’ll ever need the guarantee, it’s because when you choose Titan Air Solutions, we know you won’t!

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