At Titan Air Solutions, we provide excellent Indoor Air Quality Services to Fort Worth area homeowners. Families want to ensure their home’s air is as clean as possible and free of contaminants, so we offer many solutions.

What is Indoor Air Pollution?

Fort Worth is known for its hot weather, and our homes are often sealed tight to keep our A/C inside where it belongs using insulation and other energy-efficiency products. In general, this is a good thing (especially for your electric bill), but it does have a downside: ventilation and fresh air turnover can suffer. Contaminants like household cleaners, viruses & bacteria, carbon monoxide, lead, asbestos, and radon can linger inside, especially if your home is older. Additionally, dust, dust mites, other insects, pollen and other particles can float through the air in our homes. All these things can cause health issues and symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, inflammation, nervous system problems, and even low birth weight in newborns. 

What can I do to prevent Indoor Air Pollution?

The easiest thing you can do to prevent indoor air pollution and preserve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is to change your HVAC filters. This should be done every month on a strict schedule. Further, enroll in our maintenance program. Third, let Titan Air Solutions assess your property and design a custom IAQ system to meet your families’ needs. We offer things like:

  • Air Scrubbers that attach to your home’s HVAC system
  • UV Lights that zap viruses, bacteria, and other particles
  • Ventilators that swap your home’s indoor air with fresh outdoor air
  • HEPA filters with higher MERV ratings that can trap almost 100% of indoor air pollutants

Indoor Air Quality Experts

At Titan Air Solutions, we know Fort Worth’s air better than anyone and can expertly advise you on your home’s Indoor Air Quality. All our techs are background-checked for your security, we offer 24/7 five-star service, and are one of the best rated HVAC companies in town. Keep your home’s air squeaky clean and contact us below!

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