Our team consists of multiple HVAC industry veterans who have been working on residential HVAC systems for decades. We’ve heard it all, we’ve seen it all, and here are some of the most common questions we get from Fort Worth homeowners regarding their HVAC systems.

This depends on many factors including the age of your home, the construction style of your home, your window types, etc. The only way to have a well-designed system specific for your home is to have a licensed professional evaluate it.

The most common settings in Texas are 80 in the summer and 72 in the winter, but the answer here really is: pick what feels good to you! It’s your house. Whatever you decide, do avoid drastic changes in your temperature (more than 5 degrees up and down), because this will drive up your bills.

It’s usually best to swap these out once a month (if you’re using disposable filters). Washable filters should be rinsed once a month.

The answer is: it depends! Let us come visit you at home and evaluate your unique situation then design a system to meet your comfort needs and budget. Don’t forget: we offer financing.

Generally, no. Systems should never be covered up when in use – this will damage your system. Call us with questions about unused outdoor systems and we are happy to advise.

If you’re changing your air filters every month, keeping your unit clear of debris (like grass cuttings, foliage, etc.), and are enrolled in our maintenance program, you can rest assured your HVAC is operating properly. If any of the above don’t apply to you, give us a call and let’s figure it out!