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Titan Air Solutions employs the best ac repair persons in Fort Worth.  We investigate your system and provide a full HVAC system analysis that looks at the entirety of the situation, not just an individual problem.  We also deliver energy saving costs and preventative measures to ensure longevity of your equipment.


When it comes to heating, we are all about additional safety. We take extra safety precautions and safety checks, such as carbon monoxide testing, to protect you and your home. Without having to ask, we will also go the extra mile to make sure the battery in your alarms is good to go in order to deliver next level service to you and your family.

Air Quality

We believe the quality of your health is directly related to what’s in the air around you. Our solution provides cleaner air for you and your family.  This could not be more important with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  This solution not only delivers health benefits, but it also contributes efficiency benefits as your unit will last longer with Titan next-level service.

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Air Filtration System


At Titan Air Solutions, we provide air quality that is healthy for your whole family. The air quality delivered through our products kills up to 99% of airborne Coronavirus particles, as well as other viral particles, bacteria, and mold.

Reduces Overall Germs

In the time a sneeze can reach three feet, our products reduce those germs by 99%. After electing to install our top notch air filtration system, you will rest easy knowing your family is always breathing quality, clean air and you are keeping them as safe as possible.

Filters other particles

Our products improve your air quality by lessening all the unwanted airborne particles in your home such as pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. This includes reducing odors, particulates, smoke and VOCs from the air you breathe.

Easily Integrated System

Our products are easily integrated with your existing or any HVAC system. The unit also does not take away from your living space and operates silently so that you can continue life as normal, just with better air!

Core Values


Our knowledge and skills give us the ability to be quick in finding and delivering solutions for you.


We work with integrity and honesty so our customers know what is going on at every step of the process.


We are trained and passionate about delivering first-time fix solutions and 5-star service to make quality a priority.


From paperwork to payment, we make everything simple for you with our Titan experience.

24/7 AVAILABILITY – We are here for you at all times of the day to ensure you get the service you deserve.
5 STAR SERVICE – We serve our clients with premium service experience, always leading with full transparency and communication.
FIRST-TIME FIX – We have the knowledge, years of experience, and checks and balances in place to fix your problem the first time around.
FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS – We offer multiple solution options for you to choose from so that you feel confident about making the decision that’s right for you and your home.
INDUSTRY EXPERTS – We continually take classes and training to ensure we are staying up to date on the industry and always know what we are doing for our customers.

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