AC Repair Specials in Fort Worth and Beyond

Are You an early bird?

The early bird catches the worm!  Take advantage of our heating system tune up before the temperature drops!  $79 through 10/31/2020



  • Normal price is $159
  • Thorough 26-Point Inspection
  • Performed by our background-checked experts
  • Ductwork static pressure reading
  • Temperature rise on furnace
  • Filter size and condition
  • Wiring connections and spade connectors
  • Check integrity of ductwork
  • Check plenums and start collars for air leaks
  • Capacitor readings (real and actual)
  • Check for gas leaks
  • …and more!
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... or did you procrastinate?

Have no fear, we’ve got you covered too!  We are extending our summer A/C tune-up through 10/31/2020 – just $79 today!



  • 50% off our normal price of $159 through October 31st!
  • Thorough 26 Point Inspection
  • Performed by an HVAC expert
  • Check integrity of ductwork
  • Note all readings
  • Record superheat/sub-cooling values
  • Filter Size and Condition
  • Check all connections and drains
  • Check fans and motors
  • Check all wiring and fans
  • Perform extensive post-check testing
  • … and more!
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