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Our HVAC Maintenance Plan

A residential HVAC maintenance plan is a very smart choice for most homeowners. If you have an HVAC system, a maintenance plan is likely appropriate for you. Most HVAC companies offer some sort of maintenance plan, and we are proud to stand out from the crowd with our offering.

Titan Air Solutions Maintenance Services

Signature Titan Protection Program

At Titan Air Solutions, we offer a very well-priced residential HVAC maintenance plan to our customers: the Signature Titan Protection Program. For just $14.95/month*, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your HVAC investment. The following items are included with our program:
  • 1 year labor warranty on repairs
  • 50% off all service calls for you and your friends
  • 10% off all repairs and HVAC system upgrades
  • Better overall system performance and efficiency
  • No after hours or holiday charges
  • Priority scheduling
  • Unlimited safety inspections
  • No equipment age restrictions
  • Automatic reminder for annual tune up
  • Annual 26 point air conditioning system inspection
  • Annual 26 point heating system inspection

Is HVAC Maintenance Worth it?

You might be wondering if paying for a monthly maintenance program for your HVAC is worth it. The answer is simple: yes, it’s worth it! New HVAC systems are a significant investment both in your families’ comfort & safety and with your home’s value, and keeping your new system in tip-top shape is a no-brainer. Don’t let small issues become big, expensive problems: enroll today!

*$14.95/month or $179/year per unit

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