Your heating and cooling system is an investment and one that you count on every day. For the sake of your comfort and your pocketbook, you want to make sure it keeps running in top shape.

At Titan Air Solutions in Fort Worth, we understand the importance of a well-working system. That’s why we offer the Titan Protection Plan. It’s our way of doing everything we can to keep your heating and cooling systems running strong year after year.

1. Regular Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Just like people benefit from regular checkups, heating and cooling systems need annual attention too. It’s a good idea to have your heating system checked before winter, and your air conditioner looked at before summer. These annual check-ins are usually called maintenance visits or tune-ups.

During a maintenance call, a heating and cooling technician takes a close look at your system to make sure that everything is in good working order. Parts are cleaned, adjusted, and lubricated. Tests are run to make sure that there are no leaks, the thermostat is accurate, and all the parts are operating properly. These tune-up tasks help improve the efficiency of your system. They can also extend its life so that it keeps running well for you for as long as possible.

The tech may uncover a small repair need. While you’d probably prefer for everything to be a-ok, it’s much better to discover an issue at the beginning of the season. A problem that goes unchecked all season long could end up turning into a major repair bill and also decrease the efficiency of your system, potentially increasing your heating costs for the season.

At Titan Air Solutions, we understand that maintenance visits may not be on your mind as much as they’re on ours. Life gets busy, and remembering to schedule your tune-ups can be a challenge. The Titan Protection Plan can help. For one thing, one heating tune-up and one cooling tune-up are included in your plan each year. You won’t have to budget for that expense. Also, we’ll send you reminders so that scheduling a visit doesn’t slip your mind.

2. Priority Treatment

Titan Air Solutions‘s technicians provide excellent service to all of our customers. We arrive on time, we respect people’s property, and we come prepared to get the job done. We value excellence, and it shows in the work we do.

Even still, we have a little something extra for the members of our Titan Protection Plan. Everyone gets great service from us, but our members are eligible for priority scheduling. If you’re a busy person without a lot of time to spare in your day, you’ll appreciate the flexibility that being a protection plan member can afford you.

Also, members have access to online booking. If calling and talking to someone isn’t your favorite activity, or you simply don’t have much phone access during the work day, then you’ll fully appreciate how easy it is to schedule your next appointment online.

3. Repair Deals

One of our top goals with heating and cooling maintenance is to help you avoid the need for excessive repairs. By checking on your system regularly, we can keep the parts clean, lubricated, and firmly connected so that they don’t experience undue wear and tear.

Even still, repairs are an inevitability at some point. When that happens, being a member of the Titan Protection Plan can really come in handy. Another great benefit of being a plan member is that your repairs will cost less than they would otherwise. Our members get a 15% discount on their heating and cooling repairs. We extend this same discount when our members choose to upgrade their systems. The visit itself may cost less too. Our members receive a 50% discount on a service call each year.

In fact, we value your membership so much that we take the service call offer one step further. We give members an additional 50% discount to share with a friend each year. If you are satisfied with our service, you may give our name to a friend anyway, but this program gives you the opportunity to save some money both for yourself and someone else.

What if your system totally breaks down mid-season? We don’t want that to happen. In fact, we’ll do everything in our power during your tune-up to ensure that your system will keep going strong all season long. But if a breakdown does occur, you’ll be covered by our No Breakdown Guarantee. We’ll credit the cost of a maintenance call toward your repair costs.

Once your heating and cooling repairs are complete, the savings potential will continue. As a protection plan member, you’ll receive a one-year warranty on repair labor.

4. Eligibility for Everyone

You might think that you’re not a candidate for the Titan Protection Plan because your system is not brand new. That’s not the way we do things at Titan Air Solutions.

Rather, we want everyone to be able to take advantage of our maintenance agreement. That’s why we don’t have any restrictions on the age of our members’ equipment. Whether you bought your furnace or air conditioner just recently or 15 years ago, we encourage you to join the Titan Protection Plan.

5. New System Savings

While regular maintenance can prolong the life of your heating and cooling system, it will eventually come time for a replacement. As a loyal Titan Protection Plan customer, you’ll be able to save on your new system. That’s because we have a loyalty program that is just for our protection plan members. For each year that you’re continuously enrolled, we’ll give you a $100 credit toward a new system. You can earn up to $1,000 in savings when enrolled in this program. When the time comes, just imagine how good it will feel to know that you’re saving hundreds on the cost of your new heating or cooling system.

Plus, when you install a new system, we’ll include the Titan Protection Plan with your purchase for a limited time. You can then start working your way toward earning another $1,000 discount on your next heating and cooling project.

6. Peace of Mind

One of the best reasons to join the Titan Protection Plan is the peace of mind it can provide. You’ll rest easier knowing that you’re in good hands year-round with Titan Air Solutions.

With regular tune-ups each year, you can be confident that you’re doing the best you can to care for your heating and cooling units. That can lead to the feel-good knowledge that you won’t have to invest in a new system any sooner than necessary.

You also won’t have to worry as much about potential repairs throughout the season. Hopefully, thanks to your annual tune-ups, service needs won’t crop up at all. But if they do, you can rest assured that you’ll get significant savings on the repair or the replacement unit.

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