Energy prices are rising every year, making it harder to keep your home comfortable without struggling with huge cost spikes. While keeping your furnace well-maintained can help, it’s also important to address potential energy leaks in your home. Leaky windows, for example, can skyrocket your costs during the cold season. Here’s what you need to know about leaky windows and your home’s heating system.

Allow Cold Drafts

A leaky window allows freezing air into your living spaces. You may notice an immediate drop in temperature when entering a new room or area of your home. If it’s too cold, you may want to raise the temperature to keep your family safe. This increases your bills and the overall strain on your furnace. When a leaky window lets cold air in, it’s also allowing your costly warm air to escape. A thermostat placed too close to a leaky window will encourage your heating system to run constantly to combat the low temperatures.

Encourage Heat Loss Through Convection

Convection is the process where hot air will naturally flow from a warm area into a colder one. When your windows aren’t properly insulated, they may feel icy cold to the touch. The warm air in your home is lost once it interacts with this freezing surface. The colder it is outside, the more of your heating is lost. Your leaky windows can leave your home feeling colder for longer, making it harder for your furnace to do its job. The longer the system runs to make up for the lost energy, the more stress and strain it experiences.

Cause Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Inconsistent room temperatures can be difficult to handle during the winter when your household’s safety is at risk. Leaky windows will frequently fluctuate the temperature in a closed area, making it impossible to feel comfortable. When you raise the temperature settings on your thermostat, it may feel like the room is warming up. However, a lot of that excess energy is being wasted as it’s let out into the cold winter environment. You may end up setting your thermostat at an incredibly high temperature to offset the air leaks. While this will keep some rooms mildly warm, it can dramatically raise the temperature in other areas to unbearable levels.

Impact Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is used to reduce the flow of heat out of a home. Insulating materials are often installed around windows, doors and other openings that can let in air. Inadequate insulation against air leaks allows more heat to escape. Your windows won’t be able to act as insulators against harmful cold breezes as well as various pests seeking shelter from the snow. Not enough insulation also often leads to humidity issues. Moisture can become trapped in the cracks and crevices around your windows, encouraging mold and mildew growth. This has a direct impact on your home’s indoor air quality and safety.

Reduce HVAC Lifespan

Your heating system slowly wears down over time the more you use it. Professional maintenance once or twice a year can ensure it’s still functioning as efficiently as possible. However, irregular cycles and increased usage during the winter will skyrocket your need for service. Excessive strain on the furnace’s many fragile components can break down the system’s integrity, leading to more repair calls. A stressed system is more likely to suddenly break down one day, leaving you and your family without heat. Your furnace’s safety features may even become compromised, making it necessary to prematurely replace the system only a few years after it’s been installed.

Minimizing Costs This Winter

Leaky windows have a huge impact on your comfort, safety and seasonal budget. While they can let in natural light and improve ventilation during the summer, they quickly become hazards during the cold months. Fortunately, there are several ways you can minimize any loss of energy caused by leaky windows. Keep reading to learn how to improve your home’s energy efficiency this coming winter.

Invest in Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers are thick tubes of heavy fabric that can be placed on your window sills or in front of your doors. They’re great at stopping drafts from traveling through your home. You can also improve your home’s overall comfort by investing in thermal curtains and keeping them closed when possible. Utilize rugs to cover bare areas of the floor to improve the room’s insulation. The best way to maximize your HVAC system’s heat production is by improving your home’s air sealing and overall insulation qualities.

Check Window Integrity

As you’re getting your home ready for the cold season, don’t forget to check the quality of your window’s weatherstripping and seal. These components help to safeguard the window against drafts and insects. If you notice that your window isn’t closing all the way or any of the seals looked damaged, it may be time to replace the window. The windows available today are much more advanced than the models installed a decade ago. With improved glass and advanced thermal capabilities, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your home’s temperature control with new window installations.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Start the cold season off right with a maintenance appointment. After a long and idle summer, your furnace should be checked for any new signs of rust or broken parts. A technician will inspect every nook and cranny for accumulated debris, water damage and mold spores. They’ll also keep you apprised of any potential repair issues you may have to deal with that winter. An outdated or inefficient heating system is more likely to break down when you need it most. While some of your increased energy costs may be from leaky windows, they could also be caused by your inefficient furnace.

Contact HVAC Company

It can be difficult to pinpoint what’s causing your high energy bills and inconsistent temperature control. Your home could be suffering from leaky windows, an old furnace or something going wrong in your ductwork. Rely on professional technicians to appraise your home and find helpful solutions to all your heating and cooling issues. Along with providing expert service and carrying the best products available, skilled technicians also have the experience to offer helpful advice that boosts your comfort. Don’t let your family suffer from being cold and uncomfortable this winter. Trust the experts to provide personalized service for your every HVAC issue.

Superior Heating and Air Services

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