You asked the questions, and we got the answers! When it comes to HVAC, there is no shortage of questions you can ask. This blog features an interview with Titan Air Solutions Ownership; specifically Reggie Johnson, one of the co-owners of Titan Air Solutions.

How Did Titan Air Solutions Come to Be?

Titan Air Solutions came to be because two guys who were passionate about HVAC were trying to make a living and accomplish great things while helping others accomplish their dreams.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Titan Air Solutions has been in business since March of 2019, although our top techs have been in HVAC in Fort Worth for almost 40 years.

How Long Have You Been in the HVAC Field?

I have been in the HVAC field for close to 9 years. However, there are others who work at Titan Air Solutions who have been in the HVAC field for over 38 years!

How Many People Work at Titan Air Solutions?

Currently, there are 6 HVAC professionals who work at Titan Air Solutions.

What is Your Favorite Part of Running an HVAC Business?

My favorite part of running an HVAC business is seeing how happy clients are after helping them with their HVAC needs or AC repairs. The look and feel of appreciation make it worth every second. We are here to provide solutions, and seeing how happy our clients are after their new HVAC installation is enough for us to keep doing it every day.

If You Could do Anything Else Besides HVAC, What Would it Be?

I would like to build custom cars from scratch.

What is Something that Titan Air Solutions DoesBetter Than It’s Competitors?

We stay competitive by showing respect to you and your home. For example, we always wear fresh shoe covers and clean up our area once services have been rendered. We will always leave your home cleaner than how we found it. We call it “The Titan Air Solutions Difference” for a reason!

What are the Top Two HVAC-Related Questions that Customers Ask You?

  • People obviously ask about price. They want to know “how much does it cost to replace my HVAC system?” for example. A residential HVAC replacement in Forth Worth, Texas can cost between $5700-$15000+. A lot goes into replacing your residential HVAC, and when it’s done right, it’s totally worth it.
  • People also often ask “how often should I service/conduct maintenance on my HVAC unit?”. Typically, the manufacturer recommends your unit to be serviced/checked at least once every year for cooling and once for heating. We recommend that your HVAC system be serviced by a professional on a schedule to maintain it at optimum performance. Check out our maintenance plan for a very cost-effective way to ensure you’re doing this.

What Kind of Licensed to HVAC Companies Need to Have?

In Texas, a Contractors’ State License is required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. Our licensing information can be found in the footer of our website.

Do You Offer Insurance or Warranty to Customers?

We have a 10-Year Labor Warranty, a 10-Year Parts Warranty, a 10-Year Maintenance Plan, and 10-Year Air Filters Warranty. We want to make sure our customers experience the ultimate comfort when it comes to insurance/warranty options. But that’s not all–we also have options with a Lifetime Warranty for certain services.

Reggie Johnson is one of the faces of Titan Air Solutions. If you have had the opportunity to work with him, you know he always has a smile on his face and welcomes any opportunity to work with people in the Fort Worth community on their HVAC needs. Visit this link to book your HVAC appointment now!

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