After our recent snap of cold weather and unusual snow in Fort Worth, we’re all looking forward to our traditional Texas heat ramping back up (for the most part.) Many Fort Worth residents experienced extreme discomfort recently with cold weather and no heat in their homes due to furnace problems and power outages. Many of us are thinking about preparing for the heat and ensuring our AC works properly! How can we all get ready for summer in Fort Worth?

Get an AC Tune-Up!

At Titan Air Solutions, we offer an excellent tune-up package that will keep your AC system in tip top shape for summer. The last thing you want is a broken or inefficient AC in blistering Texas heat. As it warms up, we’re all enjoying keeping our windows open and being outside, but pretty soon we’ll be slamming those windows shut and cranking up the AC as we enter the late spring and summer months in Fort Worth.

Benefits of a Tune-Up

Regularly tuning up your HVAC system has many benefits and saves you money as a homeowner. Rather than waiting for things to break and having to pay for repairs, prevent issues by engaging in routine maintenance and tune-ups. Here are some benefits of a tune-up:

  • Lower Electric Bills
    Yes – this is true! Many people are surprised when they find out that something as simple as an AC tune-up can positively impact their home’s energy usage and lower their electric bills. If your AC is running inefficiently, your bills are probably higher than they should be.
  • Improved Efficiency
    Fort Worth in the summer is HOT, and large amounts of energy are required to cool your home. Making sure your system is at its best by performing a professional tune-up will make your system work better overall and it will therefore be more efficient. During our visit, we will clean or replace your filters and inspect your thermostat among other things, allowing your system to run well.
  • Peace of Mind
    After our recent cold weather, snow, and power outages, many Fort Worth residents are on edge especially as it relates to the temperature inside their homes. Texas heat can get bad enough to pose an actual risk to your life, and ensuring your system is in good working condition is worth the investment for peace of mind alone. Checking that box on your to-do list will reduce your anxiety and the risk that your system will conk out when you need it most.

AC tune-ups are well worth it, as is our very economical maintenance plan: the Signature Titan Air Solutions Protection Program. Contact us today for more information about tune-ups and ongoing maintenance of your AC system.

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