Homeowners are most familiar with central air conditioners and furnaces but it’s important to take into account other products such as mini-splits. So, what’s a mini-split? Mini-splits are a kind of ductless heating and cooling that is growing in popularity in the Fort Worth area. They cool or heat a single room at a time rather than an entire residence with a bunch of air ducts. This type of system allows for greater temperature control and increases energy efficiency and comfort.

How Do Mini-Splits Work?

The cooling part of the mini-split works by drawing heat from within a building and pushing it outside. During the winter, a reversing valve allows the system to run backward, and the heat is removed from the outdoor air and brought inside to make the house warm. Mini-splits rely on electric cooling similar to the likes of heat pumps. Multiple indoor units can link to one outdoor condenser allowing you to heat or cool your entire house with the system. This setup also allows for zoning—one of the best features of a mini-split system for homeowners that lets you cool or heat specific rooms. A zoned system keeps your carbon footprint and utility bills low!

Mini-Split HVAC systems are comprised of an indoor unit or units, a conduit, and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit(s) can easily mount to the wall or the ceiling and contain the evaporator coil and air handler. This unit will blow heated or cooled air into each individual room it is installed in. A conduit is a 3” hole in the wall that connects the indoor unit with the outdoor unit that contains the drain line, refrigerant line, and electrical wiring. The outdoor unit houses the condensing coil and the compressor. It sits outside on a slab of concrete and dissipates heat during the hotter months while extracting heat to bring inside during the cooler months.

Is a Mini-Split Worth It?

Mini-splits are definitely worth looking into, especially for homes with additions, converted garages, and enclosed patios. If your home has a specific room (or two) that is particularly difficult to heat or cool, adding a mini-split is an easy solution that saves you the hassle of installing additional ductwork in your home. Additionally, mini-splits are more efficient than a traditional central HVAC system and are cheaper to run. You can run it when you need it and only heat rooms that are being used. They are much more efficient than space heaters and window units. Keep everyone in your home happy and stop fighting over the thermostat!

Is a Mini-Split Right for My House?

If your home doesn’t already have existing ductwork and adding it isn’t in the budget or simply doesn’t make sense, mini-splits are a great option for you. An increasingly popular choice for Fort Worth homeowners, they can be installed easily and are a very modern option for cooling or heating your home. We have installed hundreds of mini splits in the area and are here to provide expert advice and a professional install whenever you are ready!

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