Everyone is taking extreme safety measures this year to keep their homes and office buildings COVID-19 free. With Fort Worth’s brutal temperatures usually lingering into November, maintaining clean indoor air quality is a top priority. Some HVAC humor: “If you are older than your AC unit, you most likely need it replaced”. Taking the time to check into this and considering a new AC installation is something to think about in these times when clean air is critical.

Although we have been told by the CDC that the virus is mainly spread by human contact, there is also evidence that Coronavirus spreads through the air. When someone speaks, coughs, or sneezes, Coronavirus can linger in the air for up to 14 minutes – a nightmare for germaphobes, high-risk folks, and pretty much all of us! Our clients have been asking us if COVID can be killed by their HVAC filter. The answer is not a 100 percent “yes”, but there is some hope with industrial-strength filters – specifically those with HEPA filtration. Coronavirus can be trapped with these, but not necessarily killed. These are usually more suitable for larger office buildings and hospitals though, not your standard home.

Even with the Texas heat, open your windows and doors when you can. Ask us for help if you need to check what MERV rating your current filter has or if upgrading your duct system would be beneficial. What does MERV mean? Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. A number between 5 to 8 is standard for most residential systems, while 9 to 12 is a stronger filter fighting pollen, dust, mold, and pet hair. The higher the score, the closer you are to a medical-grade HEPA filter.

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