You’re moving to a new home and before you do anything else, you go around and close off the air vents in rooms that you don’t plan to use often. Satisfied that you will now be saving money on electricity, you finish moving the rest of your stuff in. Where did the idea of closing off air vents to save money and redirect airflow even come from? Is this even true? Does closing air vents in unused rooms save you money on electricity? The goal of this blog is to go into greater detail and educate you on exactly what goes on with your HVAC system when you close off air vents in unused rooms. The answer may shock you!

Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Does Not Save Energy

Well, there you have it. We didn’t want to keep you hanging for too long. The answer to the pressing question is in the headline! Fear not, you are not alone in your shock. This is a very common misconception amongst homeowners. Though it may seem to make logical sense that closing off vents in unused rooms saves you money on your energy bills, it actually does the opposite. How is that possible, you ask? Read on to find out!

What Closing Vents Actually Does to Your Home

The way your air conditioner or heater operates is the same whether you have one vent open or all of them open. The amount of air being circulated throughout your home won’t change with the number of open or closed vents. When you close a vent, it actually adds pressure to the entire system and can cause air leaks. These issues can cause long-term and totally unnecessary energy waste. It can also end up costing you more money on your energy bill in the long run. When air leaks out of your HVAC system, it forces the system to work even harder to regulate the temperature conditions in your home.

In HVAC terms, we like to call this an inefficient HVAC system. Prolonged inefficiencies in your system can lead to costly repairs in the future and prevent you from using your HVAC system for the long term.

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