Few things are more annoying than having your air conditioner suddenly blow out warm air in the middle of the summer. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area in August, a hot home is more than an annoyance and also presents legitimate health and safety issues, especially for the elderly or sick. So, if you find yourself asking “Why is my AC blowing warm air?”, quickly take the following steps recommended by the pros at Titan Air Solutions before your home gets too hot!

The first (and easiest) step is to check your thermostat. It may sound silly, but sometimes the problem is as simple as an incorrect setting (especially if your thermostat comes with calendar settings!), a dead battery, or an old unit that needs to be serviced or replaced. Replacing a thermostat is relatively inexpensive and can be done in one day.

If you can’t identify an obvious fix with your thermostat, your next step is to go on a cleaning binge! If you’re familiar with the structure of your system, check the condenser and the air filter. They both need to be clean to create a clear path for air to flow. Neglecting to change your AC filter monthly is an extremely common problem, and you should always keep an extra filter or two on hand. Swap the filter for a fresh one and rinse off your condenser coils – and cross your fingers!

If the “clean or replace” tactic with these two items doesn’t help, you might consider the possibility of electrical issues. Have you had power outages or flickering lights lately? Did your new hairdryer blow a fuse? If so, the problem might be with your circuit breaker. Sometimes, a simple reset of the breaker can solve the issue with your AC. A simple Google or YouTube search will tell you how to do this safely, and it’s worth a try before calling for service.

If these steps don’t get results, coolant issues are the next possible culprit. Check the coolant level, then examine the ducts as thoroughly as possible just to be sure you’ve covered all the bases. You won’t necessarily be able to see a leak, but sometimes a thorough exam can reveal obvious problems that are fairly easy to solve.

If you take all these steps and your AC is still not blowing cold, fresh air, you’ve just left the DIY country and entered the land of “I need a professional.” Give Titan Air Solutions a call and let us come out and help you. This may be our introductory blog, but we’ve been dealing with these kinds of problems for over 15 years. Our owners and techs are highly-trained service professionals who will diagnose your problem, fix it and keep you safe during the service call. They can also set you up with a top-notch maintenance program to make sure your HVAC system keeps you cool and comfortable all year long! For all your Fort worth air conditioning needs, call Titan Air Solutions.

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