As summer weather begins to arrive in Fort Worth, the temperatures will soon begin to skyrocket with it! With that being said, do you know if your AC is prepared for summer? Don’t be caught in the thick of the summer heat and realize that your central AC unit doesn’t work—get your air conditioner summer ready now! Springtime is the best time in Fort Worth to get your AC fully ready for summer. A little bit of proper maintenance and your AC will be humming along and keeping you cool as a cucumber during these sweltering months!

1. Safety Comes First!

Before you do any maintenance work on your AC unit, make sure you remember and put into practice that safety comes first! If you don’t feel comfortable performing this type of AC maintenance, our HVAC professionals at Titan Air Solutions are here to help! We also have monthly maintenance plans that are sure to fit your budget. If you feel comfortable proceeding, the first step is to turn off the circuit breakers and turn off all power to the condenser before starting work. This will ensure you can work in a safe environment without fear of running into any live wires.

2. Clean or Replace Air Filters

As a general rule of thumb, your air filters should be replaced 2-12 times per year, depending on the model of your HVAC unit. If they are exceptionally dirty and clogged with dust, it may be time to clean them or switch them out with a new replacement filter. Leaving dirty filters in will reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and will have dust re-circulating back through your home.

3. Clean the House Condenser

A condenser unit is typically located outside of your home. Clean the condenser coils, base, and fan of your AC unit of any debris, leaves, or dirt that you see has accumulated. Check all areas of the condenser unit to make sure it has been completely cleared of debris. An important thing to note while cleaning the condenser unit is not to tug any of the wires connected to the fan.

4. Check the FOam Coolant Lines

There are tubes/pipes that run from the inside of your home on your evaporator to your condenser unit outside. Check for any areas where insulation may be missing or damaged. If you do spot any damage, you can fix it with foam insulation sleeves or foam insulation tape.

5. Test Your AC Unit

Once you have performed the maintenance on your AC unit, give it a whirl! Turn the power back on to the condenser unit and the circuit breaker and set the thermostat to cool. You should be able to notice a difference in the air quality!

6. Work With One of Fort Worth’s Leading HVAC Companies

At Titan Air Solutions, we take great pride in providing the best customer service experience possible. Experience the Titan Air Solutions difference with our signature “Next Level Service”. Contact us today for any of your HVAC needs!

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