Summertime in Fort Worth, Texas usually means homeowners blasting their AC units at max capacity 24/7 to try and stay cool while combating the heat Texas is famous for. Summertime also means quite a lot of AC HVAC service calls to your local HVAC company such as ourselves at Titan Air Solutions in Fort Worth, Texas. Are the two connected? For the most part, yes. Some of the most common AC problems in the summer stem from putting your AC unit into overdrive during the hottest months of summer. If you are experiencing AC problems this summer, here is what you should look out for and what you need to know.

Problem #1: Your AC Unit Wont Turn On

If your AC unit won’t turn on on a hot summer day you may think everything under the sun is broken. But there is a chance it may be a simpler problem than the whole AC unit malfunctioning. We recommend resetting the thermostat in your home or resetting your home’s circuit breaker before calling in the pros. It may be that your circuit breaker was tripped while you were gone or your thermostat was not set properly.

Problem #2: Your AC Filters Are Dirty or Old

This is a very common problem in the AC world but it’s a problem that most homeowners pay the least attention to. If your AC unit isn’t working properly, one of the easiest things you can do to troubleshoot is to check your air filters to make sure they are not dirty. If they are dirty or it’s been a while since you’ve changed them out, they are easy to replace and should have your AC working properly in no time.

Problem #3: Your Electricity Bill is Extra High

It’s not a good day when you come home to an electric bill that is four times your normal amount. Though it is normal for your electric bill to be higher in the summer with more AC use, it shouldn’t be four times the normal amount you pay. The chances are your thermostat isn’t working properly and it may be a good idea to get an HVAC technician to come to take a look at it.

Problem #4:Your AC Unit is Blowing Hot or Warm Air

There are several reasons why your AC unit is not blowing cold air but the most common reason is a disconnect between your outdoor AC unit and your thermostat. Reestablishing that broken connection may get your AC running properly again. For more information on this problem, please read this blog “Why is My AC Blowing Warm Air?”

Problem #5: Your AC Unit is Extremely Noisy

There is chance debris is getting built up in your outdoor HVAC unit and causing a ruckus. The best thing to do is check your outdoor unit and turn it off before clearing any debris you see built up.

When in Doubt, Call Titan Air Solutions!

If you’re having AC problems or in need of AC installation in Fort Worth TX, stop right now and call Titan Air Solutions. We have an HVAC technician ready to help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can also book an HVAC appointment any time on our website here. Experience what The Titan Air Solutions Difference is today!

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