Whether you are a DIY or a DIFM (Do It For Me) person, annual maintenance by a qualified technician is required by almost all systems manufacturers to keep their warranty in place. The change of seasons, in particular, spring and fall, is always a good time to schedule routine maintenance and system checkups on your air conditioning and heating systems before the extreme heat and cold arrive. Your HVAC system is no different. You can enjoy peace of mind by protecting your investment with our Signature Titan Air Solutions Protection Program and with a few tips on getting your HVAC system winter-ready.

Check your carbon monoxide smoke detectors. With the cold months ahead, the days of having the windows open with the breeze flowing are numbered. There is no better time than now to make sure that you have working detectors (and extra batteries) to ensure your family is safe from carbon monoxide poisoning and that they can be alerted should your home be affected by a leak. As a part of your routine maintenance, our technicians will always check these items, and we recommend you check them a few times throughout the year.

Not all homes are equipped with a home humidifier, but if yours is, be sure to clean it and check the evaporator pad. Having a home humidifier that operates with peak efficiency preserves the air quality in your home. In addition, maintaining a proper level of humidity in your home will allow you to keep your thermostat a couple of degrees lower and save on your heating bill!

Check your furnace filter. Dirty air filters can keep your HVAC system from operating efficiently due to decreased airflow. We recommend that you check your filters monthly and replace them every two to three months. Some filters will require checking less frequently, and our technicians can suggest the best one for your system. It’s also not a bad idea to stock up on filters during the offseason. This can keep filters ready at hand when you need them and save you money.

Believe it or not, outdoor condensers for your AC unit should be winterized as well to protect them from damage during extreme weather events or falling debris during a winter storm. If you won’t be using your AC during the winter months, you can cover your unit with a mesh AC unit cover or board. In a pinch, a large garbage can lid secured with bungee cords works too. Just make sure you do not prevent airflow or use any moisture-trapping materials. If you have window units, pull those out or double-check that they are sealed properly to keep any heat from escaping.

Lastly, light up that furnace! Before you need it, make sure your furnace is actually working. We offer extensive and affordable inspections and are currently running a coupon! To do this, just set the temperature on your thermostat about five degrees higher than the temperature in your home. Listen to see if the furnace kicks on. If it doesn’t, our team is here to help. We pride ourselves on our signature “first-time fix” repairs and superb new system installations for homeowners in Fort Worth. If your looking for Fort Worth HVAC companies, be sure to give us a call or book an appointment!

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