In Fort Worth, we are looking forward to cooler temperatures as the summer winds down. It’s almost time to say farewell to your sandals and time to bust out those flannel shirts! For the early birds who love to tune up their heating systems before the weather changes, we are running a great promotion: just $79 for a full heating system tune-up! Click here for more information.

If you weren’t able to tune up your AC before the heat hit, we’ve got you covered too. Most Texans will keep their AC running through November, so tune it up if you haven’t already! Since it’s still very warm in Fort Worth, we are extending our $79 A/C tune-up special as well!

Remember the father from “A Christmas Story” with his rage battles with the furnace? It involved a lot of cursing and black smoke creeping up the basement stairwell. Granted, it was the 1940’s and black smoke is a thing of the past, but it’s a good reminder to tune up that heating system! Staying on top of furnace maintenance and scheduling regular cleanings will save you a headache when the weather turns and the holidays approach. A last-minute call on a cold day will cause unnecessary stress and burn a hole in your pocket with companies charging emergency rates. Thinking ahead and tuning up your heating system before the crowds will save you money and give you peace of mind as we roll into winter.

Another thing to keep in mind as temperatures drop is the importance of thermal insulation. Choosing the right type can cut your energy costs by nearly 50 percent (hooray for going green!) and prevent your pipes from freezing when temps really dip. Are you unsure if you have the right insulation type for your home? Fiberglass is one of the most effective choices to use in your attic and is our top pick here at Titan Air Solutions. Contact us for a free consultation to determine if you’re utilizing the right amount of insulation for your home, and keep your heating bills down this winter!

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