Without regular AC maintenance in Keller, TX, your AC unit will be prone to breaking down prematurely and using up a lot more energy just to cool your home down to your desired temperature. An AC tune-up is quick and easy. It involves a thorough inspection of the unit for any signs of damage, a comprehensive cleaning of all nooks and crannies, a realignment of all parts and components and more. Basically, it restores your system back to its original condition and performance. An unserviced AC will lose up to 5% in efficiency each year.

We highly recommend that you schedule air conditioning maintenance in Keller at least once a year. If you get your unit serviced in mid-to-late spring, you’ll have plenty of time to correct any issues that are brought up. Your unit will also be clean. Throughout the year, dirt, dust and other pollutants settle into nooks and crannies. If you forget to service your unit and turn it on, these pollutants will circulate indoors. It can be particularly problematic for those with allergies, autoimmune disorders and respiratory conditions.