Regardless of the type of AC system that you have, you should book AC maintenance in Haslet, TX at least once a year. This ensures that your system continues to run at peak efficiency and performance. Your AC system can drop about 5% in efficiency for each year that it is unserviced. While you might not notice the drop in efficiency at the beginning, this drop in efficiency can add up if you forget to book a tune-up several years in a row.

To make the most out of the AC tune-up, we highly recommend scheduling it during mid-to-late spring. It’s best to get the system serviced before it needs to be turned on during the summer. This gives you plenty of time to fix any issues that we bring up and also ensures that the inside of the unit is clean. Throughout the year, various types of pollutants and contaminants, like pollen, dirt and dust, will settle inside the unit. An air conditioning tune-up in Haslet involves a thorough cleaning that will get rid of all pollutants that can trigger allergy reactions and asthma.