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At Titan Air Solutions, offering convenient financing to all homeowners is a top priority. We understand that HVAC repairs can be sudden and costly, so we are proud to partner with top financial institutions to offer our customers financing options. Please find frequently asked questions below, as well as links to apply for financing.

HVAC Financing FAQs

HVAC financing is extended to homeowners only. If you are a renter, your landlord will need to apply directly. Financing may be used on new AC installations, repairs, etc.
You can apply for HVAC financing below by clicking on one of our lending partners. We can also visit your home and you can complete an in-person application.
Processing an HVAC financing application is fast! Once submitted, a decision is usually reached within 20 minutes.
Once you are approved, we will guide you on next steps which include your equipment selections and payment options.
Once you are approved for financing, your lender will reach out to you to develop payment arrangements directly with you. Titan Air Solutions is not involved in this portion of the process.
We are proud to offer excellent terms to our clients utilizing HVAC financing. We offer 0% and other low APR options.
Don’t worry! We have partnered with multiple financial institutions that can offer credit to customers with low credit scores.
No. A down payment is not required to qualify for HVAC financing. We understand that HVAC repairs (especially emergency repairs!) can be expensive, and we want to make it easy.
No! Paying off your balance early will not be penalized. You can pay off your balance early if you wish without additional fees.

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